How We Invest
Value Added

Successful Russian entrepreneurs are rapidly embracing the notion of growing the value of their companies, rather than maximizing short-term cash flows. Taking a long-term view, entrepreneurs invest in the business, and understand it takes profound changes to the way their companies are run to unlock the potential value. Such change includes the following areas:

  • financial reporting standards
  • budget & planning processes
  • accounting policy
  • corporate governance
  • tax compliance
  • human resources management
  • decision making processes


Few company management teams fully have the skills, resources or time it takes to transform the company in these respects. To an entrepreneur, who acknowledges this, Mint Capital is a source of both capital and such skills. We offer:

Independence: We have no ownership or profit-sharing ties to Russian or Western big financial groups or large multilateral institutions;

Experience: Superior experience as individuals (not only as investors but as business builders) and track record as a Team;

Bi-cultural business approach: Mint Capital combines a profound understanding of and respect for the Russian business climate with a [Nordic hands-on approach] to doing business;

Corporate culture: We offer direct and fast owner-to-owner interaction.

Access to Investor Network: Mint Capital’s network of accessible high level contacts in the Nordic countries, including investors in Mint I and II provides a relevant source of experience, know-how and contacts to our investee companies and gives us an edge in attracting industry talent to complement our portfolio companies’ Boards of Directors.

A fundamental part of the Fund’s value creation proposition to investors and entrepreneurs alike is the ability and readiness to invest in companies that are at the very beginning of the transition towards transparency and compliance. Mint Capital’s deal generation is to a large extent focused on maximizing the leverage of our active involvement in this process.

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