How We Invest
Investment Criteria

We invest in entrepreneurs who have decided to invite an external investor to accelerate growth and to improve the way their company is run. From a relevant ownership position we reap the rewards of the time and efforts we are prepared to invest. Mint is typically the first source of external financing and much of our due diligence is devoted to confirming a commitment to change, by discussing strategy and policies with the entrepreneur and insisting on concrete measures being taken ahead of closing. Our typical investment criteria are:

  1. Understandable business model and transparent ownership — a potential investee company’s business model must be intuitively easy to understand and successful execution of the business model must not be overly dependent on outside stakeholders or regulators;
  2. Value-adding potential — leverage Mint Capital’s ability to add value through close cooperation with the entrepreneur and management;
  3. Strong owner/entrepreneur with a good understanding of how to materialize growth objectives and readiness to hire the best available professionals;
  4. Strong core management with proven track record of growth and business improvement;
  5. Full openness and honesty — partnership is a key word;
  6. Alignment of interests — management and shareholders must be driven by the same fundamental objectives as the investor;
  7. Barriers to entry — uniqueness or competitive edge allowing the company to protect and grow its market position and sustain its margins;
  8. Large and growing addressable market — where there is an export dimension to the business it is typically an extension to a strong domestic market opportunity;
  9. Market or niche leadership;
  10. Positive operating cash flow and an understandable largely unleveraged balance sheet;
  11. Potential Return on investment to Mint Capital must meet our return criteria;
  12. A clearly visible route to exit;

If you have a project that meets our investment criteria, please send us a short description at: Our managers will contact you.

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